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The NAG has become the CRF.

Following a local government re-organisation the
Neighbour Action Groups have been disbanded, but our group has decided to carry on meeting as a group and continue to share hilltop parish concerns and have re-named ourselves the Chesham Rural Forum.

Membership will remain the same in terms of a mix of lay people, Parish Councillors, County Councillors and the Police, but we will not be limited by any remit other than that which we agree ourselves and which as a consequence will free us up to some extent.

We have lost two of our four PCSO's leaving us with P.C. Kevin Flint and PCSO's Rob O'Callaghan and Andy Piotrowski to cover our rural patch. Kevin is keen to impress on villagers the need to pass on anything suspicious to the team. Please report all sightings of suspicious people or cars around the village. Note the numbers if you think there is anything suspicious. These will be then logged and cross referenced and followed up should anything untoward occur both here and in our neighbouring villages.

There have been a few reportable incidents around Ashley Green and Whelpley Hill recently but the crime rate in general across Chesham Rural remains however below the national average.

Also, be aware of people selling door to door. They do require a "
Peddler’s Certificate", which they should be able to produce and which youi should check carefully? Watch also for people claiming to want access to read a meter.

If you are at all concerned please call the police on the new number
101 which replaced the old 0845 number.
Note -
999 remains the number for emergencies.

If there is anywhere in the area that you think is a particular speeding hotspot then please let Kevin know and he will make his presence known. The lanes around us are very dangerous, especially for children, walkers and dog walkers where there are no footpaths and it is the responsibility of us all to keep to the speed limit.

If you have anything that you would like raised with the Rural Forum please contact us.

You can use the Contact page for that.

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