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Parish Council


The Parish Council and the Community Association are two very separate bodies.

Community Association works to foster community spirit within Ashley Green by organising events for villagers to join in and have fun, and meet their neighbours. It raises funds from these events, and from lettings of the halls, to ensure the on going maintenance and improvement of the buildings under their control - the Memorial Hall (often known as the Village Hall) and all the buildings on the Old School site.

The Parish Council covers both Ashley Green and Whelpley Hill and has a different remit

It deals with county and district council issues, maintains the footpaths and stiles in the whole Parish, deals
with planning permission, traffic issues and allotments, and generally the more "weighty" matters.
Details of their activities are recorded in the minutes of the Parish Council meetings.
These can be seen on the notice board by the Old School where you can also see:-

  • Minutes of Council meetings
  • Dates of meetings
  • A list of councillors
  • Other relevant information

The Parish Council website is at,
Where you can see a full list of the councillors and their contact numbers.

Clerk to the Parish Council can be contacted via Email at:-

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